Delphi Error: E1026 File not found: ‘Controls.res’ – Google Search

As since E1026 is [WayBack] documented as x1026 since Delphi 2007 probably because it can manifest itself as W1026 as well, I thought Delphi Error: E1026 File not found: ‘Controls.res’ also be related to F1026: When the Delphi XE5 commandline compiler fails with error F1026: File not found: ‘False.dpr’ But it wasn’t. Then I thought it might have to do […] … Read More

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Delphi Tokyo Release 1 or 10.2.1 is Now Available

You can read more about the release and its rationale in the PM article published in the community: For the actual release information docWiki page, including how to obtain the release, what's new, known issues, visit: For a more detailed of issues fixed in this release, see the EDN article at: We had to put a significant effort into some of the issues, like those caused by Creators Update and changes in iOS, so very happy to make this new version of Delphi and C++ Builder available to our customers. 
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RAD Studio 10.2.1 Released Today

10.2 Tokyo Release 1 is now available. It’s an update of Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo and RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo for active Update Subscription customers. It includes 100s of platform focused enhancements, bug fixes and features.   RAD Studio supports 5 platforms today: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux. Platform vendors frequently make changes to their operating systems which at times impact us on the development side. We continuously track these changes to ensure our customers can target the latest operating systems. 10.2.1 not only provides a number of new features and bug fixes, but also addresses key OS changes that have been impacting our customers. A significant issue we fixed on Windows was changing our compilers and linkers to address an OS level change on Windows 10 Creators Update affecting the way the operating system loads DLLs and Delphi packages (BPLs), which ends up repeating the load operation multiple times and severely hampering the debugging of applications with runtime packages. Microsoft has addressed the issues in the beta of the future version of Windows 10, but not in Creators Update. In May 2017, we published our latest roadmap. Given the popularity of VCL within our install base, we want to make sure that this framework continues to evolve rapidly and we are accelerating investments in this area. We see a nice increase in usage of Windows 10 and we feel that we can deliver even more value to developers with the coming releases. With that focus and the addition of the platform enhancements release to our release schedule, you will see that some some of the features previously listed under 10.2.1 and 10.2.2 in our roadmap are being reprioritized for 10.2.2 and beyond. This includes C++ for Linux. PM will be providing additional roadmap updates in the coming weeks.   Key Features delivered in 10.2 Tokyo Below is a recap of key features we’ve delivered  in recent months (including Berlin updates): Delphi Linux compiler and RTL, along with complete toolchain for Linux server development, deployment and debugging C++ compiler and linker improvements Windows 10 Store support via Desktop Bridge New VCL controls and QuickEdit designers Exciting developments this year In addition to the Tokyo release several months ago, and the 10.2.1 update release, we also wanted to highlight some other exciting developments. CData Enterprise Connectors The result of a year-long collaboration effort with CData, Enterprise Connectors leverages Embarcadero’s RAD Studio FireDAC technology to remove the complexity in connecting to multiple data sources, and make CData's adapters easily accessible to Delphi and C++ developers. CData Enterprise Connector Packs support 80+ popular data sources such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, SugarCRM, MailChimp and JIRA. The Enterprise Connectors are currently in Public Beta, allowing anyone on Update Subscription to participate. Downloads for each connector are available through the GetIt Package Manager in 10.2 Tokyo. The beta is expected to finish within the next few weeks, and we’d love to get your feedback.   GetIt Package Manager Enhancements The GetIt Package Manager enables browsing, download, and install of packages directly within the IDE. This includes open source and 3rd party libraries, components, IDE extensions, SDKs, and more. The GetIt Package Manager can be accessed through the Tools menu in the IDE. We have recently added a number of new categories to the GetIt Package Manager in 10.2 Tokyo to make it easier to find what you're looking for in GetIt. Here's the new list of categories you will find in the GetIt Package Manager:   All Libraries Components Internet of Things Trial Connectors Industry Templates IDE Plugins Styles Sample Projects The RAD Studio PM team (Sarina, Marco and David)  
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Why My Next Software Product Will Be Windows VCL Only

I started this blog back in 2009 as I slowly emerged from a severe case of burn-out. From that first day I've been consistently saying I'm working on an update to one of my software products. And I'm still saying that today. I'm like the Rip Van Winkle of Delphi programming. I basically dropped off the face of the Delphi coding world, woke up from an 8 year technology nap, and have been in a learning fog ever since.I have been procrastinating at every turn, about every tool, and every methodology. The bottom-line is... I can't make a decision. Check out this common theme among some of my posts going back quite some time.How do you get past the Analysis to Paralysis when working on a new project? is The Best Database for Delphi Desktop Applications that Supports Stored Procedures? Took A Little Walk-About - But I'm Back (Shit or get of the pot) week I heard about Warren Buffett's 25-5 Rule.  I've never heard it put quite that way before. Anyway, it got me to change my attitude about decision making.For example:Should the new release of my Zilch software be Windows?Windows and Mac?Windows, Mac, iOS, Android?What about the Web version?ENOUGH!I'm going Windows VCL Only! Period. I made the decision and it's final. Making decisions is so liberating.I am the most proficient with Delphi VCL.I have a distribution channel and payment gateway for Windows already in-place. I have 25 years worth of Windows customers I can market my software upgrade to.I can use the current development tool chain I already have.2017 is the 25th anniversary of my original product launch. I need to get busy working on the things that matter most and ignoring everything else if I hope to get it released this year.I don't care if the Warren Buffett story is true or not. It's a good thing. I encourage all of you to have a look at it.Cheers!Semper Fi,Gunny Mike
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On List growth strategies and memory managers

Interesting for anybody working on list growth strategies. In this case with some Delphi background information and in depth coverage of FastMM memory (re)allocation strategies. Stefan Glienke (of Spring4D fame) needed some help with allocation strategies and observed the difference between: TList.Grow (and TStringList.Grow) growing like this: 4, 8, 12, 28, 44, 60, 76, 95, 118, 147, […] … Read More

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Delphi Blogs of the Week #54

A new round up of Delphi-related news, after my two weeks of vacation around Europe. Delphi Product Blogs and More Quickly find add-ons with new GetIt categories by Sarina at (by the way, we are open for ideas and suggestions, given the system is now fairly flexible) The Enterprise Connector Beta has started by Sarina at Viewing Salesforce Data in RAD Studio Data Explorer by Sarina at #FireMonkey RAD Studio Overview Download Link: Targeting Chrome OS with Delphi via Android and Linux by Jim McKeeth at Notable Blog Posts Send an Email with an Attachment in iOS, Android, and Windows using RAD Studio by Roy Woll at ScannerMApp: a QR/barcode scanner app with Delphi, ZXing and TFrameStand by Andrewa Magni at Using Google Sign-In for Firebase SDK on Android by Allen Drennan at SIMD Assembly Optimization by Erik van Bilsen at Building a (real) Linux daemon with Delphi - Part 1 by Paolo Rossi at 4 Years at Embarcadero Technologies by Jim at Encode JSON to a FireDAC Memory Table without REST Request by Craig at Stay tunes for more news.
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EurekaLog 7.6 is out

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new 7.6 version.

EurekaLog is a tool for Delphi and C++Builder that gives your application the power to catch every exception and memory/resource leak, generating a detailed log of the call stack (with unit, procedure and line number), optionally sending you a copy of each log entry via email or the Web via the most used Web Bug-Tracking tools (as Mantis, BugZilla, FogBugz, and JIRA).

EurekaLog represents the most advanced exception and memory leaks logger technology available for Delphi/C++Builder developers.

To learn more about EurekaLog, please visit our website at:

To download a demo, please visit:

If you would like to purchase a new license, please visit:


  1. Important: Installer will ask you a licence information. See: New license checks in EurekaLog installers
  2. Important: Debug information format was completely changed. Be sure to test your applications
  3. Important: Added a major upgrade to bug tracker code. Be sure to test your applications
  4. Important: BugID generation alg was changed. Be sure to test your applications
  5. Important: EurekaLog will now store configuration in .eof file instead of .dof, .bdsproj, .dproj, etc.
  6. Added: Support for 10.2 Tokyo
  7. Added: ecc32 will now modify uses list in your .dpr file to match specified configuration
  8. Added: –el_prepare switch is added to be used when –el_alter_exe is used
  9. Added: New option to stip all string names from debug information and store it in external file
  10. Added: Debug information’s and ZIP’s passwords are now saved locally on developer machine – to be used by application and Viewer (this simplifies local debugging when passwords are set). OnPasswordChange event will not be called
  11. Added: New “–el_password=debug-info-password” command-line option can be passed to application to decrypt encrypted debug information. OnPasswordChange event will not be called
  12. Added: Our own implementation of XML, XML-RPC, and SOAP. We no longer use RTL’s implementation, therefore now we have support for bug tracker’s API even on old IDEs
  13. Added: New options for bug trackers (new fields, append call stack instead of full bug report, links, text limits)
  14. Added: A helper “Connect” button in EurekaLog project options dialog to retrieve project names, users, field names, components, areas, and other info for bug tracker
  15. Added: Working hyper-links support in bug tracker success message via TaskDialogs (Vista+)
  16. Added: BugID tab in EurekaLog project options dialog – allowing you to customize uniqueness without writing OnCustomBugID event handler
  17. Added: New column in call stack: “Source” (e.g. actual .pas file name)
  18. Added: Threads selection to hang detection page
  19. Added: Support for MessageBox from NT services
  20. Added: “Lookup Error” option in Viewer – there is a new toolbar, as well as new context menu item for “General” tab
  21. Added: ELogging unit implements log capabilities. EurekaLog will stream log into CodeSite-compatible format. Currently it has no UI control. Use ELogOpen function to stream log to the specified file
  22. Added: (Delphi only) EurekaLog units in uses list are wrapped into IFDEF block
  23. Added: Call stack, modules and processes use different colors now. For call stacks: red indicates exception line, black – stack frame entry (positive), grey – RAW (could be false-positive), other colors – service entries
  24. Added: Support for DataSnap applications. Do not forget to enable EurekaLog for background threads (either as “Enable for RTL threads” or as SetEurekaLogStateInThread in OnConnect handler)
  25. Added: Handler name property for exception info and ability to filter with it. Handler name indicates handler which is processing the exception, it can be used to distinguish between VCL, Thread, DataSnap exceptions, etc.
  26. Added: Ability to filter by descendant classes
  27. Added: ACompareForCount argument to DumpAllocationsToFile routine
  28. Added: LoadCustomizedTextsToStream/SaveCustomizedTextsToStream
  29. Added: Threads Snapshot tool can be used as post-morten debugger. Use /install command-line switch to register tool as debugger (admin rights are required).
  30. Added: Support for Synopse mORMot (.mab) debug information format
  31. Added: “Terminate threads on shutdown” option
  32. Fixed: Reduced ecc32/emake memory footprint, thus allowing to post-process larger projects
  33. Fixed: Debug information design-time performace optimizations (reduced compilation time)
  34. Fixed: Debug information run-time performace optimizations (reduced startup time)
  35. Fixed: Minor optimizations for call stack to string render
  36. Fixed: Display bug in detailed EurekaLog dialog tabs when not all tabs were showing
  37. Fixed: [10.1 Berlin] Weak references are no longer detected as leaks
  38. Fixed: A “recursive area removed” mark may be left in call stack even if area’s items were filtered out
  39. Fixed: Fatal errors (e.g. panic mode) now properly set terminate option in dialogs
  40. Fixed: Possible crash on startup when using certain 3rd party memory managers
  41. Fixed: Possible crash when EurekaLog’s debug mode is enabled
  42. Fixed: XML header of bug reports
  43. Fixed: Added workaround for OTA bug when {$E ext} is used in project
  44. Fixed: (C++ Builder only) Possible crash when handling certain exceptions
  45. Fixed: Firebird Embedded in Viewer was upgraded to 2.5.6. This solves a rare encoding problem when using Firebird backend
  46. Fixed: (Delphi 2005 and earlier) Bug in workaround for QC Report #3018
  47. Fixed: Checkboxes not respecting default state when switching between dialogs (e.g. MS Classic -> EurekaLog Detailed)
  48. Fixed: Visual glitches in EurekaLog dialogs when VCL styles are used
  49. Fixed: Compatibility with 3rd party software of password-encrypted ZIPs
  50. Fixed: Possible range check error in debug information
  51. Fixed: EurekaLog dialogs are now per-monitor DPI awared
  52. Fixed: Silent ignoring invalid time stamps in PE headers
  53. Fixed: Added workaround for certain bugs in .map files
  54. Fixed: Minor regression issues
  55. Fixed: Viewer may hang when passing file name to open to main instance
  56. Fixed: Windows 2000 compatibility issues
  57. Fixed: Possible stack overflow in multi-threaded apps when low-level hooks are disabled
  58. Fixed: CLang compatibility fixes
  59. Fixed: DebugExport provider will now load names only on demand (performance boost on startup)
  60. Fixed: Possible crash when processing certain external exceptions
  61. Improved: New call stack/assembler encryption when encrypt password is set for debug info
  62. Improved: Better call stack filtering from EL service routines when encryption is enabled
  63. Improved: Any share violation error during compilation will report which process is holding the file
  64. Changed: ecc32.exe and emake.exe are the same file for all IDEs. Current IDE is selected based on ecc32/emake file location or via –el_ide=num command-line option
  65. Changed: Translations of strings with “application” substitution now supports selecting a specific “application” translation. Simply replace %s with %0:s or %1:s. Default translations are already adjusted.
  66. Changed: Internal crash reports made Viewer-compatible
  67. Changed: Removed stubs for ComObj unit
  68. Removed: Web-based bug tracker support

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Logging in Android

From the Code Partners blog: RAD Studio’s ability to do remote debugging of Android apps on device is fantastic for tracking down issues. However sometimes you have issues where the debugger can’t help. Case in point is one of the projects we were doing for a customer recently. The Android portion included a Service, which […]
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Delphi Blogs of the (Week) Month #53

Embarcadero News Embarcadero Partners with CData to Offer Enterprise Connectors (press release at You can read more on this blog post from Sarina, The beta of the components can be found in GetIt for Tokyo customers (Professional and above), in a new "Connectors" category. You can use them to connect with over 70 different business, enterprise and social web services. Very nicely integrated with FireDAC and the IDE. A patch for Tokyo focused on Android is available, Books, books! Cary Jensen has a new FireDAC book out. See the announcement at and a review by Stephen at Dalija has a new book project focused on Delphi Memory Management, as you can read at and Blog Posts Visualize JSON using TTreeView at New FireDAC Database Status Page at Using the Google Cloud Platform APIs at http://​ FireMonkey and VCL Style Packs from at Third Party Tools MIDAS dropbox library at PasLibVlc - use VideoLAN player in Delphi at The Light End Delphi developers use spaces, right?
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RAD Studio 10.2 Patch for Android Released

As Sarina already mentioned in the community site, last week Embarcadero released a second patch for Delphi and C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo. The first patch was focused on tool chain issues, while this new one addresses several issues for Android platform support. Namely, some of the fixes relate with the platform changes in editing (causing problems when using the backspace key) while other address regressions (and performance issues) introduced in 10.2 Tokyo and caused by platform changes in threading support. You can find a list of open Quality Portal issues the patch addresses in the download page at This patch is available also for trial customers. The matching source code is available only for registered users at Notice that the source code includes changes that affect multiple platforms, but we haven't released the updated DCU files for those other platforms. In other words, PAS and DCU will most likely be out of synch either with or without the source code patch, depending on the target platform, and you should consider enabling this new source code for Android specific projects or using it as reference only. We know this is no ideal and this patch is intended as a temporary solution, while we complete and test a full update of the product, including all internal fixes and all platforms.
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