Survey 2013 – Help to define the content for my blog in 2013

Dear blog readers, I prepared a short survey and I will appreciate if you can invest 5 minutes of your valuable time answering few questions. My goal with this survey is to learn more about your software development plans for 2013 and identify potential and useful topics to all of you. Also validate some content ideas I have for 2013. The survey is pretty straight forward, take less than 5 minutes and is very important to help to define the blog content for 2013. Thank you, Andreano Lanusse PS: You can also access the survey directly from this link [googlemaps] Andreano Lanusse | Technology and Software Development Follow me on Twitter: @andreanolanusse Related posts: Delphi Developers’ plan for mobile, desktop and n-tier development Why I chose WordPress as Blog Tool Beginning my personal blog
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Cross-platform development the FireMonkey way

Para leer este articulo en espanol haz click aqui. What is FireMonkey? FireMonkey is cross-platform Framework developed by Embarcadero. FireMonkey was originally designed by Eugene Kryukov in the company “KSDev” as VGScene. In 2011 Embarcadero acquired the rights to the software and renamed it to FireMonkey. FireMonkey is included, along with the traditional Visual Component […] … Read More

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XE Plus Pack – Release 11

Release 11 of XE Plus Pack is now available for all supported IDE versions (Delphi XE, Delphi XE2, Delphi XE3). XE Plus Pack and XE2 Plus Pack now include all features available in XE3 Plus Pack. Release 11 features: Visual Forms can now support multiple projects in the same location. Note: Existing projects with Visual Forms active will need to be rescanned. Added new commands to the Project Managers’ File Actions menu item. Open With… Open with Notepad Improved Mouse Scrolling of the designer surface for VCL applications. Minor UI enhancements to dialogs within Visual Forms expert. Fix issue with the replace capture dialog not displaying the image to use. Add “Capture Form” command to a forms context menu so it is even easier to update a form within the Visual Forms view if automatic updating is not active. Support Resolution guidelines being displayed in the FireMonkey designer.
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Are you eligible?

A couple of weeks ago, I implemented a new EDN feature which may have gone unnoticed by many of you. When you log into Member Services, you will now see a new ‘My eligible field tests’ option in the navigation bar to the left.
When you click on this, it will show you a list of […] … Read More

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Flotsam and Jetsam #70

Looks like Bjarne Stroustrup himself will be part of the C++ portion of CodeRage7.  That's quite a coup. LeanTed now has its own URL: Anyone out there know about TSynEdit?  Which is the "one true version" that I should be using?  I'm using this one: but it seems like there are/might be other better/different versions out there.  Anyone have any advice or thoughts on the matter? Also, anyone know about what encoding it uses?  Can I change/set it? I confess I can't seem to figure that out.... Delphi is really popular in Brazil, and Roberto Schneiders is a new blogger from that lovely country.  He's written his first post about DataSnap.  Nice. Cloud storage certainly is all the rage. As far as I can tell, I have storage in the following places: DropBox, BitCasa, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Asus Cloud Storage, and Amazon.  And probably some others I can't even remember.  Here's a business idea that I'm sure has already been done because I just thought of it:  Create an app that aggregates all those different chunks of space into a single drive.  That would be cool. Everyone seems worried about Best Buy -- apparently they are all doomed and everything in the face of Amazon -- but I can tell you they didn't look doomed last night at midnight.  I was awake and decided to attend their Black Friday event at my local store, which started at midnight. (I had not intention of, and did not, buy anything...) The place was an absolute mad-house.  There was a *huge* line to get in when I arrive right at 12:00a, and they had a large maze set up in the store to keep people moving in the same direction.  I didn't notice any outrageous deals, but I can tell you that a lot of merchandise was available and a lot of it went out the door.  Plus it was fun -- great people watching.
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DataSnap analysis based on Speed & Stability tests

It’s not difficult to read and listen about the wonders of Embarcadero DataSnap technology around the world. I attended the Delphi Conference 2011 and 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, after the release of versions of Delphi XE2 and XE3, and the words “performance” and “stability” are not spared when the subject is DataSnap. Apparently a […] … Read More

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DataSnap analysis based on Speed & Stability tests

It’s not difficult to read and listen about the wonders of Embarcadero DataSnap technology around the world. I attended the Delphi Conference 2011 and 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, after the release of versions of Delphi XE2 and XE3, and the words “performance” and “stability” are not spared when the subject is DataSnap. Apparently a […] … Read More

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FireMonkey Style – TStyleTag (Part 2)

Part 1 – Along with the missing registration of TStyleTag, the following components cannot be used in styles without hand editing FMX or Style files. TFontObject TBrushObject I’ve updated the package to now register these missing style components so you can use them in custom styles. Download Package The change is straight forward if you have already downloaded and installed the previous package. The register procedure should now look something like this: procedure Register; begin   RegisterComponents('Shapes', [TStyleTag, TFontObject, TBrushObject]); end; NOTE: You may want to register them to a different palette location.  
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XE3 Visual LiveBindings: Samples

Here is a summary of the samples which accompany my XE3 VLB posts.  The samples are grouped by Sourceforge locations. Observers (post) VclSampleObservableControls.dpk - Implements an observable TTrackBar LinkTrackbarToField.dpr - TObservableTrackBar project Actions (post) Navigate using actions and TSpeedButton Vcl\LiveBindingsActionsProtoProject.dpr Fmx\FmxLiveBindingsActionsProtoProject.dpr Vcl\LiveBindingsActionCDSProject.dpr Fmx\FmxLiveBindingsActionsCDSProject.dpr ListControls (post1, post2) ListBoxVCL.dpr - Link a TListBox to a field SimpleListView.dpr - Link a TListView to a field LiveViewColumns.dpr - Link a TListView to a field and fill multiple columns Lookups (post1, post2) LookupListBoxVCL.dpr - Configure TListBox as a lookup list LookupEditVCL.dpr - Configure a TLabeledEdit as a lookup control LookupLabelVCL.dpr - Configure TLabel.Caption as a lookup property Share This | Email this page to a friend
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My Take on TypeScript

Microsoft has been keeping the renowned Anders Hjelsberg busy on a new language called TypeScript.  Typescript is an open-source project (using the Apache 2.0 license) that allows you to write a super-set of Javascript that allows for a stronger typing system.  You can watch Anders’ original launch presentation

I’ve said a million times that I’ve said a million times that Javascript is the new Assembler – that Javascript will become the thing that everyone compiles higher level code into.  You’ll write your web apps in a higher order language, and then compile them to Javascript for execution in the browser. 

I refuse to believe that any rational person actually likes to write Javascript, and as it is designed currently, it really isn’t a language for developing the kind of large-scale applications that people seem to be wanting to use it for.  In the deep, dark past, Assembler used to be all there was, and we created higher order solutions that compiled to assembler.  And in the same way, for a while, Javascript was all there is for the browser.  Now, however, we are beginning to see higher order languages being brought to bear to produce Javascript for us. 

If Javascript is the “new Assembler”, then the Browser becomes the “new operating system”.  The cool thing about that is that the “new OS” is ubiquitous.  Just about every computer in the world – computers running Windows, OS X, Linux, Unix, whatever – has a browser that runs Javascript.  That means your application can run on any computer.  That’s a very compelling idea.

You can actually do that today with Delphi using a very cool tool called Smart Mobile Studio.  There is also the Elevate Web Builder tool from Elevate Software.  Both have the same idea – leverage the power of Delphi to produce Javascript-based applications.  Pretty cool, really.

Anders talked to Scott Hanselman about Microsoft’s offering in the “Language to compile down to Javascript” arena in the latest episode of Hanselminutes.  Anders is always a good interview – I love a guy who thinks and speaks as clearly as he does.  (That’s why I always loved a Danny Thorpe presentation.  Danny is pretty quiet and mellow, but his talks were always so clear and well organized – every single word he said was worth listening to – that they were always excellent and enormously educational.  Anders is the same way….) He does a great job discussing the notion behind TypeScript.

Here are some of my thoughts on what Anders said and on TypeScript in general.

  • TypeScript seems to exist for two reasons – to make Javascript “tool-able” and scalable. 
    • First, the type annotations, classes, modules, and other enhancements exist to allow Visual Studio and other IDEs to do things like Code Completion (the RAD Studio term that Anders used in the podcast instead of Intellisense – I loved that.    ), refactoring, and other language-based features that modern IDE’s do.  Javascript doesn’t provide enough information to let development tools do all the things that we expect, but TypeScript does. 
    • Second, TypeScript is also a way to make Javascript scale. By providing the notion of typed classes and modules, you can create larger, well-organized TypeScript applications which then compile to Javascript.   TypeScript is a language ready to do the heavy lifting that Javascript cannot.
  • Since TypeScript is a super-set of Javascript, it follows that pure Javascript is valid TypeScript.  Anders points out that you can use your existing Javascript as is inside of TypeScript.  The idea, though, is that TypeScript becomes the language you’d use instead of Javascript because of all the tooling support, and because it can be used to build applications via modules (units, for you Delphi folks).    Typescript doesn’t have any runtime or virtual machine – it literally just compiles to Javascript. 
  • You can create an external declaration file to define the types in your *.js file, so that means that existing Javascript libraries like Node.js and jQuery.js can be “typed” and thus used in the TypeScript environment.  I think that is a pretty cool idea – and I’m sure that Microsoft will be delighted if the community follows their lead and “converts” the existing popular libraries.
  • Anders also points out that TypeScript puts a “dial” on the typing level of your code.  Pure Dynamic advocates can leave everything untyped, and the strong-typing zealots can type everything if they want, and the folks who want to type some things and not type others can do that if they want.  That’s a very interesting notion – a language with a variable level of type-safety.

Now one thing to note is that tools like Smart Mobile Studio and Elevate Web Builder offer pretty much all these features as well.  There isn’t any reason that Embarcadero couldn’t make Javascript be something that is output by the Delphi compiler.  Heck, there is even a project out there to get LLVM to produce Javascript.  TypeScript would integrate well into HTML5 Builder. Whatever higher-end language you want to use, it seems pretty clear to me that Javascript will be the thing our compilers will be producing in the not-to-distant future.

Are you going to give TypeScript a look, or are you more interested in the Delphi-to-Javascript solutions?  I’ll probably check out both.  Either way I have to use a different IDE, so I’m guessing I’ll lean towards the Delphi-based solutions.  Plus, I frickin’ hate curly braces. 

What do you guys think?

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EvelateDB 2.11 Just Released – Supports XE3

ElevateDB 2.11 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions. You can view the release notes, including any breaking changes, on the download page before downloading.This release includes support for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3 and a new package naming convention to make referencing the ElevateDB runtime packages easier for VCL/FireMonkey applications and other design-time 3rd party packages.News ReleaseElevateDBSemper Fi,Gunny Mike
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XE3 Visual LiveBindings: Hiding and showing components

This post describes how to specify which components show on the LiveBindings designer.
Hide/Show Component Classes
To reduce clutter, the LiveBindings designer hides many classes of components. The default settings show most visual control classes and hide most non-visual components classes except for data sources.
The settings are in Tools/Options/LiveBindings:

If there is a component class that […] … Read More

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