Tucows launches Wavelo, a new software company designed to revolutionize the capabilities of communications service providers


Wavelo powers the evolution of telecommunications with dedicated, event-driven software
TORONTO, January 25, 2022 /CNW/ – Tucows (NASDAQ: TCX) (TSX: TC), a global leader in Internet services, today announced the launch of its newest venture, Wavelo. The new company provides accessible telecommunications software to Communications Service Providers (CSPs) around the world, minimizing network barriers and improving Internet access worldwide.

Wavelo is on a mission to make telecommunications child’s play. (CNW Group/Tucows Inc.)

Wavelo is being launched at a critical time for the global telecommunications industry, where providers are competing to deliver more value from their established networks. Wavelo’s flexible cloud-based software suite simplifies mobile and internet network access management, enabling CSPs to better utilize their existing infrastructure, focus on customer experience and scale their businesses faster.
“In today’s competitive landscape, carriers need options from their software. They deserve solutions that keep pace with their network’s innovation and are flexible enough to integrate seamlessly into their existing operations,” said Justin Reilly, CEO of Wavelo. “Wavelo was launched to do just that. Our cloud-native, event-driven software is the first of its kind and will drive growth and value for operators, ultimately making connectivity easier for more humans around the world.”
Wavelo offers two full-service platforms – Internet Service Operating System (ISOS) and Mobile Network Operating System (MONOS) – which provide customizable solutions for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), respectively. Additional a la carte services are also offered, supporting businesses in everything from subscription and billing management, to orchestration and network provisioning, to individual developer tools, etc
“Tucows is a global leader in Internet services and SaaS solutions. We have been in the telecommunications industry for over twenty-five years and have always been baffled by the complexity of traditional software,” said Elliot Noss, CEO of Tucows. “Modern software is needed to propel growth in this space, especially as communications service providers tackle the last 30% of digital transformation. That’s exactly what Wavelo will enable. This software is used in the Tucows portfolio for years and we are proud to officially consolidate these solutions into a standalone company.”
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Wavelo launches as a proven asset to CSPs, with DISH using Wavelo’s MONOS software to drive additional value within its digital operator platform since early 2021. More recently, Ting Fiber has also integrated Wavelo’s ISOS software Wavelo to enable faster subscriber growth and footprint expansion.
Wavelo is now Tucows’ third private company, with Ting Internet and Tucows Domains.
To learn more about Wavelo, its mission and its complete software suite, go to www.wavelo.com.
About Wavelo
Wavelo provides a full suite of flexible, cloud-based software that simplifies mobile and internet network access management, provisioning, billing and subscription, developer tools, and more. Its software helps communications service providers minimize technology and network barriers to improve Internet access worldwide. Wavelo makes telecom child’s play.
About Tucows
Tucows helps connect more people to the benefit of internet access through communication services technology, domain services and fiber optic internet infrastructure.
Ting (https://ting.com/internet) provides fixed fiber Internet access with exceptional customer support. Wavelo is a telecommunications software suite for service providers that simplifies mobile and Internet network access management, provisioning, billing and subscription, developer tools, and more. OpenSRS (https://opensrs.com), Enum (https://www.enom.com) and Ascio (https://ascio.com) together manage approximately 25 million domain names and millions of value-added services through a global reseller network of more than 36,000 web hosts and ISPs. Hover (https://hover.com) makes it easy for individuals and small businesses to manage their domain names and email addresses. More information can be found on the Tucows website (https://tucows.com).

Wavelo powers the evolution of telecommunications with purpose-built, event-driven software. (CNW Group/Tucows Inc.)

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