Some uptime monitoring tools that are still free and understand more than http/https


Since uptimerobot has slowly moving free features, part of my family uses it to monitor uptime of their personal stuff, and I don’t want to pay for the free monitoring I do on Embarcadero infrastructure (I know that they have been phasing out older useful sites for ages, but even their main sites were down for 2 days about a year ago).
Yes, I know the competitiveness of [Wayback] Website monitoring – Wikipedia, and I’m glad Uptimerobot has been there for a relatively long time, but alas: for personal use…
The list of of the pricing pages of each site, containing a one line summary blurb if it was available:

[Wayback] Freshping – Pricing
Freshping FREE plan ✓ 50 URL checks ✓ 1-minute interval ✓ FREE Public status pages. Need more? Check out the enterprise plan.

[Wayback] Pricing | Checkly
50k API check runs / mo, 5k browser check runs / mo, 5 users, basic features

[Wayback] StatusCake – Try it Today!
Basic, FREE, 10 Uptime Monitors, 5 Minute Tests

[Wayback] pricing | Happy Apps
Free: 3 Checks, 5 minute min. monitoring interval, All check types, 3 days history max, 0 sms alerts, ∞ email alerts, SSH Only

Via [Wayback] 16 Best Online Services to Monitor Sites Uptime
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