Programmatically aligning a created TButton right next to an adjacent TComponent in an FMX Frame


Referring to the picture, I would like to align a dynamically created TButton at runtime right next to a BindNavigator.
TButton *Add_But;
Add_But = new TButton(this);
Add_But->Visible = true;
Add_But->Text = "Add";
//Add_But->Position->X = 300;
//Add_But->Position->Y = 350;




If I execute the above code, the Add_But button would align next to BindNavigator enclosed portion of the area between the last three buttons starting from the refresh button. Positioning Add_But using X,Y is not the ideal solution as I would like the Add_But to space out by certain margin padding just by using the Align property.
How to programmatically construct a TBounds margin object to resolve the issue?

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