Delphi FMX Listview bug in 10.4.2


Firemonkey in 10.4.2 (3 patches applied)
If drop a TListview with ItemAppearance=DynamicAppearance on a form, I can free it. However, if I drop this TListview on another control, eg, TRectangle, and free it, it gave "Item cannot be found" error. Visually, if you try to cut and paste the TListview (when it belongs to another control other than a Form, it also gave the same error.
This is surely a bug as Delphi 11 does not have this issue. Does anyone know how to resolve it, as I need to stick to 10.4.2 for the time being.
object ListView1: TListView
ItemAppearanceClassName = ‘TDynamicAppearance’
ItemEditAppearanceClassName = ‘TDynamicAppearance’
HeaderAppearanceClassName = ‘TListHeaderObjects’
FooterAppearanceClassName = ‘TListHeaderObjects’
Position.X = -16.000000000000000000
Position.Y = 64.000000000000000000
Size.Width = 321.000000000000000000
Size.Height = 273.000000000000000000
Size.PlatformDefault = False
TabOrder = 3
ItemAppearanceObjects.ItemObjects.ObjectsCollection = <
AppearanceObjectName = ‘Text1’
AppearanceClassName = ‘TTextObjectAppearance’
ItemAppearanceObjects.ItemEditObjects.ObjectsCollection = <
AppearanceObjectName = ‘Text1’
AppearanceClassName = ‘TTextObjectAppearance’

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