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Alexey Semeney is the Founder and CEO of DevTeam.Space, a company that provides software development solutions on a global scale. The CEO points out that DevTeam.Space is not a traditional software development agency or an independent platform, but rather something new.
DevTeam.Space is a community of 62 expert development teams. Each development team has 10 to 50 developers and specializes in a particular technology stack. These specialists can meet various software development needs including website and mobile application development, blockchain solutions, fintech applications (NASDAQ: FTFT), and even game development for companies of all sizes.
Other products for customers include R&D prototypes for field testing that could potentially impact many lives in the healthcare industry. Mr Semeney describes a project for a hospital that asked the company to build a technological prototype using infrared scanners to create a solution that would identify the movements of patients who had been in a coma for a long time. This system would help the hospital raise the alarm for the medical staff. “DevTeam.Space has completed over 150 projects since 2016, and we’re just getting started. Says Semeney.
The agile process powered by AI
The CEO explains that a software development process centers around different programming languages, people and tools just like any other project. “As humans we can be forgetful, but we don’t want human error to impact the communication or the delays we have,” says Semeney. “For this reason, we have developed a proprietary, AI-driven agile product development process that helps manage developers. It sends automated updates and follow-ups, performs task management actions, and educates customers and developers to make sure all procedures are up to date and everyone is on the same page.
To accomplish tasks efficiently, specialists from each team collaborate on projects and follow a specific process to achieve predetermined deadlines. The advantage of having a community of specialized development teams is that the company is not limited in any task, while maintaining the highest standards. If there is a need for a specific developer, the account manager can assign someone from another team with relevant expertise. In addition to this, DevTeamSpace assigns dedicated technical account managers to help clients manage developers.
Product development process
Typically, independent developers don’t have specific processes. They manage multiple projects, which makes them difficult to hire and even more difficult to manage. On the other hand, large companies can afford to assign less experienced developers and often do.
The solution for DevTeam.Space is to hire expert developers who are intrinsically motivated. After working in Silicon Valley, the CEO observed that highly skilled developers prefer to work in small teams in order to feel the impact of their work within a company. Not to mention the benefits of small teams working together to push towards a common goal.
Ethics of DevTeam.Space
DevTeam.Space is founded on ethical communication, transparency and accountability. Although developers meet face to face to collaborate in the office, the team hired is distant from the end customer. This means that the customer is dependent on the ethics of the employees of the company. DevTeam.Space is adamant in hiring approved developers who can communicate every step of the development process.
That said, the CEO maintains that meeting clients face-to-face is not a necessary part of the hiring process. “Face-to-face meetings for regular business communication will eventually become obsolete,” explains Semeney. “It’s great to be in the same office as we fill in the gaps in tasks through informal communication. When working remotely, it’s much more efficient to have a well-defined process for clients and developers to communicate. The DevTeam.Space developer community is responsive and ready to go the extra mile. It is not necessary to spend time traveling and meeting. We respect our customers’ time and use this time to create high quality software products.
More limited in choosing a developer
Hiring locally to meet face to face has many limitations. DevTeam.Space has a form of structured communication, so that the client spends less time and energy clarifying tasks. This eliminates the need to hire locally, which is usually limited to a handful of options, unless you live in a big city like Los Angeles. This can lead to a backlog and loss of talent for companies, not to mention above-market prices based on the high demand in the region, the exact challenge of Silicon Valley.
Find DevTeam.Space via a Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL), searching for a blog or article, and scheduling a call simplifies the process. DevTeam.Space serves customers from all major developed geographies, proving that this system works.
For more information visit: https://www.devteam.space/.
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