Colombian software companies travel to Guadalajara to explore business opportunities in the Mexican market


On November 23-24, eight Colombian software companies went on a trade mission to Guadalajara, Mexico’s Silicon Valley, to strengthen ties with the local network of new technology companies and explore business opportunities. These include software companies such as Grupo Bien Pensado, Fluid Attacks, Software Estrategico, ReconoSER ID, Comforce, AIA TIC, Pensemos and Smart Data and Automation.
US companies invested US $ 45 million in Colombian software services in the first quarter of 2020, while Canada reached US $ 220,000. Colombia is seen as a land of opportunity for software companies. One of the success stories is Fluid Attacks, a company with offices in San Francisco and North Carolina that works on cybersecurity services. Vladimir Villa, CEO of Fluid Attacks pointed out that “many opportunities are opening up for us at this stage as companies are increasingly migrating to digital, at an even higher speed than before, so cybersecurity has become a fundamental stake ”. In 2021, Colombian exports to the US market totaled US $ 300 million. $ 150.6 of the total was from business process outsourcing (BPO), software services were $ 35.5 million, an additional $ 106.5 million was from audiovisual production and $ 400,000 from the video game industry .
Another successful example in Colombia is Sigma Studios, an American company that offers, among other types of technological solutions, software development. Santiago Echeverri, Director of Operations, indicated that “thanks to our marketing strategies and our participation in the Macro Wheel 80 of ProColombia, we have added three new customers since the start of the COVID-19 crisis”.Mexico is considered one of the ten priority markets for the Colombian software industry, which has some 500 export-oriented companies. This Latin American country has significant needs for software services in different sectors such as healthcare, finance, logistics, cybersecurity and e-commerce, which Colombian companies can meet with tailor-made and innovative solutions.
The companies that participated in the Guadalajara trade mission were accompanied by ProColombia, the Colombian Embassy in Mexico, Fedesoft, the Colombian Industry Association with more than 30 years of experience and nearly 700 affiliated companies, and Ruta N, the business and innovation center of Medellin and Antoquia, which is dedicated to helping technology companies that provide services to the population, in the sectors of education, health and finance, and renewable energy solutions, among other activities.
The event was recognized as an ideal opportunity for the Colombian delegation to sensitize the Mexican business community to all the advantages that Colombia has to offer, such as a strong network of business accelerators 4.0, funds of investment and technological parks. Colombia also offers high quality standards for talent, dynamic local demand, and access to markets across the region, including the United States.
On November 23, there was an academic event for all companies, both Colombian and Mexican. Fedesoft also participated to demonstrate the value of the Colombian software and IT services sector, and Ruta N to publicize the services offered. There was also time for one-on-one appointments so that participating Colombian companies could present their services to their Mexican counterparts. On November 24, Colombian companies visited Mexican companies and associations from all over the sector to better understand what is being done in Guadalajara to develop Industry 4.0. The objective is to better understand the Mexican market in order to be better able to offer solutions adapted to the country’s needs.
Fedesoft, the Colombian Federation of Software Industry and Related Information Technology, supported this initiative to position Colombia as a world-class technology provider, and thus contributed to the overall goal of transforming software industry, so that by 2025 it will account for 5% of national GDP.
In order to promote digital entrepreneurship and the contributions it can make to economic recovery, the Colombian government has also created the program, sponsored by the public agency Innpulsa.
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