Ordnance Survey contract victory puts software industry on the map



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York-based employee tracking and protection software developer Vismo has won a contract to provide its suite of applications to Ordnance Survey.
The national mapping services agency, which provides geographic data to government, businesses and individuals, will use Vismo’s occupational health and safety app to protect its team of surveyors working in locations across the Kingdom -United.
Vismo’s Lone Worker app provides employers with real-time locations of employees and has a red alert button that staff can use in an emergency.
Audio is also recorded discreetly and sent to the company’s secure portal which is continuously monitored by Securitas.
Vismo CEO Craig Swallow said, “Ordnance Survey needed an occupational health and safety app for its staff who can work in fairly remote locations across the country.

Craig swallow

“They also needed real-time location data, to understand where surveyors are at different times of the day, and it was essential for them that their surveyors could sound an alarm signal if they were in danger. , for some reason.”
“With increasing global levels of risk and uncertainty driven by climate change, the pandemic and geopolitical turmoil, employers around the world are increasingly reassessing the importance of protecting their mobile workforce.
“Ensuring that they can be located and that they are secure is an absolute must and we are seeing an increase in demand for our software as a result. “
Matt Farthing, technical consultant for Ordnance Survey operations, said: “The Vismo system has all the features required to help us protect our employees, including precise location monitoring, registrations and mass notifications.
“The app gives our employees peace of mind with red alert and check-in features. “
Earlier this month, the company launched Vismo Notify, a mass notification system that allows organizations to contact and communicate with all employees, ensuring that every staff member is reached.
Typically used in the oil and gas, healthcare, and retail industries, other employers adopting Vismo technology include NGOs, whose staff and volunteers work in high-risk situations; and media companies with reporters and cameramen stationed in dangerous areas around the world.

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