Issues with FMX Delphi 10.4 applications in Windows 7


Some users have reported issues running my FMX 10.4 application under Windows 7. The following page implies that it should run fine.
The first issue is related to styles. TTrackBar objects have a different colour slider. Also, some custom style modifications that I did to a TSpinBox to make the up/down buttons smaller don’t take effect under Windows 7 (buttons are the default size).
This is how a trackbar looks in Windows 10 (style is not modified)
This is how it looks in Windows 7. Not a big issue.
This is how the spin box looks in Windows 10. The style has been modified to give more space for the text while keeping the same control width.
This is how it looks in Windows 7. More of an issue since only 1 digit can be seen. There’s no space to increase the width of the control in my interface.
The second issue relates to PNG transparency. A PNG with an alpha channel is loaded using TBitmap.LoadFromFile and then displayed using TCanvas.DrawBitmap. In Windows 10 it’s rendered correctly with transparency, but in Windows 7 there are white blocks where transparency should be.
This is the original PNG image with alpha channel.
This is how it looks in Windows 10 when loaded and rendered to a canvas. The green areas are the background showing transparency. Ignore the fact that it’s scaled up. This is correct.
This is how it looks in Windows 7. Very much not correct.
I know that Windows 7 is not supported by Microsoft any more, but many users still haven’t updated for whatever reason. Has anyone else experienced issues running FMX 10.4 applications under Windows 7? Also, have any of these issues been fixed in subsequent updates (10.4.1, 10.4.2)?

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