Deploying FMX Delphi Sydney 10.4.2 to IOS Simulator Error ( xcode 12.5 / IOS 14.5 )


I tried my first test to deploy a simple FMX app to the Apple world. I have MacBook Pro Intel i5 with MacOS BigSur 11.5.2 installed ( upgraded from Mojave ) and installed xcode from Apple store 12.5 ( supporting IOS 14.5 ) . Deploying to the 64bit macOS itself worked. Now I try to deploy to IOS Simulator but I got error ‘/Applications/…’ unable to create process.
I can’t find the full error on delphi side ( not more info in output or build messages ). running the PA server in verbose gives as last command "Applications/" – listen.
I’m new to this so unsure if these versions combinations ( MacOS BigSur 11.5.2 / XCode 12.5 / IOS 14.5 ) should work or not. And if not, what combination should work. To test, I installed IOS 13.7 support on Xcode / simulators and devices screen and created a new device. But I don’t know to get delphi downloading the SDK for this from the Mac. It’s still using IOS 14.5 SDK also for this device.
If I try to start the app directly on the mac , I get an error that seems to hint that it would be a 32bit application ????
I see that build process is using ‘dccios32.exe’ ?

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