Firestore reauthenticate user


I’m using Delphi 10.4.2 and FB4D to do a mobile app.
The first time the user open the app, he create an account (mail / password).
Then he can call Firebase to get documents where he is the owner (settings Firestore rules).
The user can close the app.
When he open it, I didn’t want ask him for the password, and I didn’t want to store the password on a config file to login him.
I prefer to store a token, and then ask for refresh when it is expired.
When a user is login, I can refresh token like that :
if fAuth.NeedTokenRefresh then
fAuth.RefreshToken(OnTokenRefresh, onUserError);

The problem is that the second time he open the app, FAuth isn’t initialized. Unless I store mail / pwd and login user, what I didn’t want to do.
Does it’s possible ?

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