TOpenPictureDialog for FMX?


In VCL I used TOpenPictureDialog for loading of image files because it’s useful to see a preview when selecting from a long list of files. I also used it for loading my own binary file format by creating a class derived from TGraphic, overriding the load and draw functions and registering it with TPicture. Now I’ve moved to FMX and would like a similar preview, but there is no TOpenPictureDialog. My only alternative currently seems to be to create a custom form for loading these files, including the ability to browse folders, etc, which seems like a big job to replicate all the functionaly of TOpenPictureDialog. Before I do that I wonder if anyone knows of a pre-existing component that does this? I’d like to support Windows and OSX initially.
If I do end up making my own component, would it be easier to start from scratch or to derive from and extend TOpenDialog? It seems that TOpenDialog is just running the default Windows open dialog in Windows so it seems unlikely that I could do that.
This is one of the few things missing from FMX that is available in VCL.

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