Need to play the media Fast forward and fast backward Delphi android [closed]


I’m using Delphi 10.3 for developing android mobile application. I’m using the TMediaPlayer to play the mp3 files. I need to fast forward (Current Time + 4 minutes) and fast backward (Current Time – 4 minutes) Here, I have mentioned my code.
Fast forward (btn click event):
CurMins := MediaPlayer1.CurrentTime div MediaTimeScale div 60;
CurSecs := MediaPlayer1.CurrentTime div MediaTimeScale mod 60;
TrackBar1.Value := (CurMins * MediaTimeScale * 60) + ((CurSecs + 4) * MediaTimeScale);

For three minutes 4 seconds it is working fine but after that it goes to the starting point of the media file.
Please suggest for Back ward option.

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