How to give acess to the components of the fmx to a function in firemonkey C++?


I Basically want to change the state of a component, for that, I was doing something like this
void desenharpilha2(TImage *b1, TImage *b2, TImage *b3,TImage *b4, TImage *b5)
b1->Visible = False;
b2->Visible = False;
b3->Visible = False;
b4->Visible = False;
b5->Visible = False;

Basically, passing all the components that I need to change to the function, but I’m sure that there’s a better way of doing that.
In short, I need a way to make the function have acess to all the components of the FMX without having to pass all the objects that I’m gonna change, because if I need to change for example, 15 objects, the code will be a mess.

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