How to add missing borders to FMX controls?


I’m currently designing an FMX app with C++Builder. For some reason, when the app is built and launched (it looks normal in the editor), the upper and left border of TComboEdits are missing. Same for the right border of grids. This is quite unpleasant to the eye, how to change that?
Here is the design-time settings for one of the TComboEdits:
object SearchLotComboEdit: TComboEdit
Touch.InteractiveGestures = [LongTap, DoubleTap]
TabOrder = 2
ItemHeight = 19.000000000000000000
ItemIndex = -1
Position.X = 72.000000000000000000
Position.Y = 40.000000000000000000
Size.Width = 361.000000000000000000
Size.Height = 26.000000000000000000
Size.PlatformDefault = False
OnChange = SearchLotComboEditChange
OnTyping = SearchLotComboEditTyping
OnKeyDown = SearchLotComboEditKeyDown

I added pictures of what it looks like:

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