Delphi FMX debugging Android 64-bit apps shows strings as pointer


I use Delphi 10.4.2 for development of an Android app. The 32-bit version of my app is running without problems. But the 64-bit version cannot find my deployed application files. To get the path of the data the following statement is used:
path := TPath.GetDocumentsPath + PathDelim;

// –> ‘/data/user/0/solutions.kloss.ZaxxonV2/files/’ <– on 32-bit system

When I try to check the content of path in the 64-bit environment with the integrated debugger, it shows only the 64-bit address of the string, not the content. So debugging is impossible. 32-bit debugger works fine.
How can the debugger be configured for 64-bit? Does the path variable point to different places when using 64-bit?

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