Bearer Tokens in C++Builder/FMX REST Functionality?


I have a server application running in node.js/Mongoose/MongoDB with a REST interface.
My client application is built in Embarcadero C++Builder/Firemonkey(FMX) and so far all is good with interacting with the node server using the embarcadero REST features (TRESTClient/TRESTRequest/TRESTResponse).
I recently added authentication to my server using JSON Web tokens and the user registration/login is working successfully, giving me back a bearer token using the following code:
const token = jwt.sign({sub:}, process.env.JWT_SECRET, {expiresIn: ’30d’ })

Accessing data is implemented via express-jwt by sending a REST request with the bearer token. Postman makes it easy to send a request for data using a Bearer token (, however I cannot find out how to do this seemingly simple task using Embarcadero’s REST features.
I have tried using the Embarcadero REST OAUTH/OAUTH2/SIMPLE/BASIC authentication methods with the bearer token in the Access-Token and Request-Token fields and nothing seems to work.
How can this be done? I am sure this is something simple I am missing but there is next to no documentation I can find.

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