Android Push Notifications in C++Builder


I have an Android application written in Embarcadero C++Builder, and cannot figure out how to get the push notifications working.
This is my problem: Embarcadero mentions how to connect to Google Firebase in several ways, none of which appear to work for various reasons:
This method uses either Kinvey, Parse, or RAD Server. I am using my own server with Node.js, so the components mentioned here won’t work.

Firebase Android Push Notification Support with RAD Studio 10.3.1

My problem here is that the "Firebase FMX package" does not exist, and I cannot find it. So this option won’t work.

Quick And Easy Way To Integrate Firebase Into Your Delphi Apps

I also cannot find the FB4D package, and this only appears to work for Delphi apps.
This tutorial looks the most promising, but neither of my versions of RAD Studio (10.3 or 10.4) have a "Services" menu in the Application options, so it is not possible to go about it this way.

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