Slow Zoom and Interface with Firemonkey TeeChart


I am creating an Firemonkey (FMX) interface that includes several TChart components in order to display data with number of points from 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 points (C++ builder 10.4). The curves are displayed quickly by following the advice given in Steema’s note “Real-Time Charting in TeeChart”. However, 2 problems arise:

Even with a number of points equal to 1,000,000, successive zooms slow down the interface enormously (beyond 3 zooms, this becomes quite painful for the user).

When the number of points is high, the interface becomes very slow and so interactions with the TChart are no longer smooth.

I have tested changing many parameters of the TChart or of the TFastLineSeries but without success. I also tested by modifying the global display variables "GlobalUseGPUCanvas" and "GlobalUseDirect2D" without being able to observe any improvement. Also, if I compare with TChart VCL, the display of the curves is a little slower but interactions like the zoomming are instantaneous and do not seem to slow down the interface (same behavior for the number of points) as in the case of the FMX.
Do you have any idea on how to solve these 2 problems?
Thank you,

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