How to disable FMX ComboBox Mouse Wheel scroll


How can I disable the mouse wheel scroll on a FMX TComboBox when hovering over it?
I’ve tried overriding the MouseWheel method without any luck. I’m most likely doing it wrong as I’m not experienced with overriding. REF: MouseWheel
I’ve gone ahead and removed Inherited:
TComboBoxOverride = class(TComboBox)
procedure MouseWheel(Shift: TShiftState; WheelDelta: Integer; var Handled: Boolean); override;

// I’ve tried changing the control on the class overriding the method. No luck
cbbServerMap: TComboBoxOverride;

{ TComboBoxOverride }

procedure TComboBoxOverride.MouseWheel(Shift: TShiftState; WheelDelta: Integer;
var Handled: Boolean);
Handled := True;

I’ve found the following SO post for VCL and DevEx but I’m struggling to convert it to FMX, Ref: How to suppress mouse wheel in TcxComboBox
When setting a breakpoint on the TCustomComboBox.MouseWheel method I can see that it ignores my override.

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