Wrong exe icon in windows explorer when using resource file


I have an FMX application created in RAD studio 10.4 and have set the main icon in Project Options, Icons. I have also added 2 additional icons in the resource file using Resources and Images, which will be used by an installer to create file associations. All icons are 32×32 pixels. The main icon appears correctly in the application title bar but not in Windows explorer. It always takes the first of the 2 additional icons in the resource file. At first I thought this could be due to windows caching of icons but it is not. I’m using software called icofx to extract the icons from the exe and I see that the main icon always appears last.
I have tried changing the identifiers in Resources and images with the same result. The identifiers shown in icofx are not the ones I set. I’ve also tried renaming the additional icons so that they’re last alphabetically, but that doesn’t work either.
If I try the same with an old Delphi 7 project then it always results in the main application icon appearing first, which is what I want. Any ideas?

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