Video: What’s New in 10.4.2 – With Timestamp Jumps


 I just watched the “What’s New with 10.4.2” Embarcadero video. It sounds like there was a lot of quality code fixes put in place. One thing that surprised me is the ability to open the Form Designer and Code Editor in separate windows. Each fully functionable and editable.The video is over 4 hours long. the first 43+ minutes are the new feature presentations. The remaining 3+ hours is a question and answer session. I have not listened to the Q&A. McKeeth did create a separate google docs of the Q&A.Here are the topics with timestamp jumps.Introduction McKeethOverview of RAD Studio 10.4 DuPontWhat’s New  in 10.4.2 DuPontBest-in-Class Windows Application Support CantuNew TControlList VCL Component CantuNew TNumberBox VCL Component CantuMSIX and Windows Store Support CantuMore VCL ImprovementsUpgraded Konopka Components (KSVC)Enhanced TEdgeBrowser VCL Component CantuDemo TNumberBox McKeethDemo TControlList McKeethNew Developer Productivity and UX Features MillingtonDemo IDE & Code Insight (LSP) MillingtonForm Designer & Code Editor in separate windows MillingtonExpanded FireMonkey Platforms Support CantuNew Delphi Compiler Enhancements CantuC++ Changes MillingtonGeneral Quality Enhancements Millington & Marco CantuRAD 10.4.2 SKUs CantuEnjoy,Gunny MikeSemper Fi

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