Transporter app not visible in App Store Connect


I develop Apple mobile app with Firemonkey (Delphi).
I didn’t get any problem for the 5 previous release. I uploaded a new release by Transporter and Distribute without any problem.
Today I didn’t see this my new build to publish a news version.
When I go to Test Flight, I see my build Version 1.0.6 (the new one), when I click to expand the content is empty.
If I click to the previous build, Version 1.0.5 I see the one I upload to Transporter (version, icon, state).

What I need to do ? I didn’t change anything. Version information are include to the build.
Have I been lucky before to get the build directly in App Store Connect ? Did I need to wait ?
The build is upload since more than 1 hour.

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