Has support of Firemonkey for Android ended with SDK 25?


I have Delphi CE 10.3.3 and make first experiences with device independant development of Firemonkey. The sample project NativeControlsDemo runs on a Huawei LLD-L31 smartphone with Android 28 very good (32 and 64 Bit). But my Samsung Galaxy M31 is not recognized by Delphi (not shown in the device list). The Samsung runs Android 30. The debugger options are activated and I can successful debug with Android Studio.
Android SDK 25.2.5 is the latest version in the target configuration. Why is my Samsung not usable? Does Firemonkey not support newer Android versions?
For new applications is the lifecycle very important. New features of hardware and OS should be supported from the development system as soon as possible and maintained as long as possible.

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