Force raising touch event on android system by Delphi FireMonkey


I am developing an CONTROLLER-SERVER-CLIENT system by delphi 10.3.
I am going to use Indy component for network communication between controller, server and client.
In here the controller side can be developed to windows application or android apk format.
I think the server side is best developed to windows application.
But client side must only be made to android apk format.
So I decided to use firemonkey library for these projects.
The controller’s purpose is to view android phone screen and control android system by remote touch events.
In this case real touch event will be occured directly by client apk .
The controller will send only touch event information to client by server mediation.
For now the big problem that I faced is how to occure touch event on android system, not on special app interface.
I have searched many articles about this on google, but still didn’t gathered any useful information.
How to occure touch event on android system by special apk that devloped with delphi firemonkey.
Is it impossible? If not then Please give me small advice.
Thank you.

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