TDialogService.ShowMessage not blocking on Win10


In my Delphi 10.4 FMX program, I am asking the user for a new file name using the code below
procedure TForm6.btnBlockingClick(Sender: TObject);
//In Win10, this blocks form access when ShowMessage is called
NameCallBack(mrOk, [‘name’]);

procedure TForm6.btnNonBlockingClick(Sender: TObject);
//In Win10, this does not block form access when ShowMessage is called in the NameCallBack routine.
TDialogService.InputQuery(‘Enter name’, [‘Name’], [”], NameCallBack);

procedure TForm6.NameCallBack(const AResult: TModalResult; const AValues: array of string);
if aResult = mrOK then
TDialogService.ShowMessage(‘Ok pressed’)
TDialogService.ShowMessage(‘Cancel pressed’);

Any idea why ShowMessage is not blocking when NameCallBack is used as the Callback event for InputQuery? In Win10, what is the best way to show a message to a user in this type of callback routine that keeps the user from accessing the underlying form until the dialog is closed in some way.
FYI: the same thing happens if you use MessageDialog, to allow user interaction, instead of ShowMessage in the callback routine.
Note: this logic works in OSX and IOS, with both dialogs blocking. On Android, neither dialog is blocking but is not a problem, as touching anywhere but the dialogs closes the dialog and requires a second touch to interact with the underlying form again. On Win10, I can doing anything I want with the underlying form while the ShowMessage dialog is visible when used in a callback event.
Thanks for any help with this.

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