Splash screen in IOS does not display


Using Delphi 10.4.1 with the latest patches. iOS 14.2 SDK using XCode 12.x (latest in app store).
MacOS Big Sur (if it matters)
The splash screen works perfectly in Android.
However, in iOS, it does not work. I created a new project… splash shows
in Android but there is a 1-3 seconds show of a white screen then the simple
app appears (it’s a template app from Delphi Wizard).
I have googled but it seems people hardly has this problem.
I set the background
of the IOS splash to different bright colours to see if the splash indeed comes out in these
colours but it didn’t show these bright backgrounds, or the standard FM splash screen.
For the Android, there’s a checkbox to say [x] Show splash but there is nothing
for IOS. So I assume that IOS does not need a setting to show the splash screen?
This happens whether I use the default FireMonkey splash screens, or provide my own
(in the same dimensions)
Please advise.

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