How to convert screen coordinates to control coordinates with embedded form and multiple displays FMX Windows


I need to know the mouse position with relative coordinates to a ListView control in the OnItemClickEx event. In a multidisplay system, it works for the app showing in the primary monitor, but does not work when the app is showing for the secondary or third monitor.
The code to know the mouse position is the following:

var point : TPointF;

point := Screen.MousePos;
point := self.ScreenToClient(point): //we obtain wrong local coordinates for the secondary and third monitor with or without this line
point := ListView.AbsoluteToLocal(point);

What is the correct way to know the mouse cursor coordinates relative to a control (in this use case a TListView)?
In this example you can see that it works fine in the first Form, but in the embedded form it provides wrong coordinates. It was tested in 10.2 and 10.3 with the same results.

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