FireMonkey iOS ComboBox bug in DropDown?


iOS SDK 14.2
There is one combo box on the form.
For the purity of the experiment, the form with the combo box is re-created every time after loading data into it and displaying the drop-down list.
I load objects (JSONObject) into the combobox in the usual way.
for FJSONValue in FJSONArray do
Acb.Items.AddObject( (FJSONValue as TJSONObject).GetValue( ‘name’ ).Value, TObject( FJSONValue.Clone ) );

Also, when cleaning, I delete objects from the combo box.
for index := 0 to Acb.Items.Count – 1 do
if Acb.Items.Objects[index] <> nil then
Acb.Items.Objects[index]:= nil;

On lap 2-3, after loading the content into the combo box, when you call DropDown (programmatically or via the GUI with a tap / click), the application crashes.
I rarely get an error on the TCustomComboBox class in the method
function TCustomComboBox.GetItems: TStrings;
  Result := FListBox.Items;

What am I doing wrong? Am I clearing my memory incorrectly? Adding an object incorrectly? Why does it crash when trying to call the dropdown itself?
On Win10 and android works without problems.

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