Delphi TEdit in Android – turn off auto-caps on a per TEdit basis


Currently, the Android TEdit when it brings up the Keyboard, will have the keyboard in Caps for first letter.
I would like to turn off Keyboard auto going into Caps for first letter. Note: I don’t want to do this in Android – Settings -> which will apply to the whole app. I want to do it on a per TEdit basis.
Surprisingly, I couldn’t find info on doing this in Delphi. The properties in TEdit also don’t seem to have anything on Capitalization.
I can’t use the TEdit.CharCase feature as it forces all input in TEdit to lowercase.
What I want is that user can Type in Mixed Case if they choose to but the Keyboard has to be in lowercase when TEdit first comes into focus.
Android virtual keyboard turn on caps lock
Looking at above link, it seems that it’s possible to accomplish.
How do I do this in Delphi?
Delphi 10.2 (moving to 10.4.1 soon)

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