Bug in TTextButtonObjectAppearance under TListview (FMX)?


Using TTextButtonObjectAppearance in TListview (FMX), there is a Width property in Object Inspector. However, the Height property is missing.
Tracing back the code, it inherits from TListItemDrawable which
has both Height & Width properties – it’s public fields, not published.
property Width: Single index 0 read FWidth write SetOneDimension;
property Height: Single index 1 read FHeight write SetOneDimension;

How to amend the Delphi source to let Height be published just like Width?
Otherwise, it’s troublesome to have to always change the Height in the OnUpdateObjects
code to set height of a button.
I believe this cannot be by deliberate design to allow setting of Width but not Height.
Delphi 10.4.0

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