Firemonkey Camera Component is too slow


I’m having an issue with TCameraComponent on Android.
On the first time that I run the app the camera is ok, but if I stop the TcameraComponent and start it again the camera gets too slow.
Any ideias about what is going on?
CameraComponent1.Active := false;
CameraComponent1.Quality := FMX.Media.TVideoCaptureQuality.MediumQuality;
CameraComponent1.Kind := FMX.Media.TCameraKind.BackCamera;
CameraComponent1.FocusMode := FMX.Media.TFocusMode.ContinuousAutoFocus;
CameraComponent1.Active := True;

procedure TMainForm.CameraComponent1SampleBufferReady(Sender: TObject; const ATime: TMediaTime);
CameraComponent1.SampleBufferToBitmap(imgCamera.Bitmap, True);

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