Android JNI in C++ Builder


I’m searching for using Android JNI on C++ Builder, and I saw this code:
private void doPhotoPrint() {
PrintHelper photoPrinter = new PrintHelper(getActivity());
Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(),
photoPrinter.printBitmap("droids.jpg – test print", bitmap);

That’s a Java code to print (in a thermal printer) a bitmap and I need to use it in C++ Builder, but I don’t have idea how to convert it. I saw doing other things by intents or even JNI. I don’t want recommendations or something, neither a done code (saying this to avoid judgments that my question is for recommendations), but I want something like this code to help create a function.
PS: I didn’t found any documentation about Android JNI.

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