Alternative for Listview on a TTabsheet / TTabControl and SetActiveTabWithTransition on android?


I use Rad Studio 10.4 Enterprise with all 3 updates.
The transition animation on SetActiveTabWithTransition only works on windows for me. On android it just shows me the other ttabsheet.
I don’t need fancy stuff. But i still want to give the user some visual feedback when he taps an entry in a Listview.
After some reading i also realized that firemonkey has performance issues on android when it comes to transitions with some controls on the screen.
My choice right now is 3 Listviews each one having width of the viewport (?) left aligned on a panel that is 3 times the width of the viewport. On a click on a listview, instead of using SetActiveTabWithTransition to switch to the next ttabsheet, i use tanimator.animatefloat on the panel to set position.x of the panel to the position of the next listview.
In my opionion that doesn’t feel "clean". At least it is smooth as butter concerning the transition. Even on a very old android device.
What would be a better choice?
Thank you very much

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