Exploring iOS files in Delphi FireMonkey app


I am developing a document viewer that handles a custom file type for iOS. Users should be able to open documents from inside the App, even if the files are not saved somewhere in the App’s local Directory.
Is there any way to provide my Users with an file-explorer-like structure inside my App?
What I’ve already tried:
My first guess was to just create my own explorer by using TPath and TDirectory from System.IOUtils and rendering a list of all files and subdirectories at a given Path.
This already worked in the respective Android App and I also got it to run using only paths inside my App’s private directory.
Sadly TPath only provides these local paths and I didn’t find any other path I could use to browse files anywhere else on the device.
Reading the Apple Developer Documentation I also found out that my problem would be fixed by just using a UIDocumentPickerViewController but it isn’t implemented in the iOSAPI, is there maybe another way to trigger iOS to show one?
I am using the following Versions:
Delphi 10.4 Sydney Patch 3
Platform Assistant Server 21.0
macOS Catalina 10.15.6
Xcode 11.7
iPhone 7 with iOS 13.7

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