Delphi TTabControl – easy way to change colour of Horizontal Line


Is there an easy way to change the colour of the horizontal line that appears
when the TAB is active?
Usually it appears as Green… I use Edit Default Style to change the colour to blue/red when Text is active, but I could not find an equivalent for the Green Horizontal line?

(if can’t see above Image, see
Is the Green an android / windows / Delphi default? I see some images with green shapes inside the Edit Default Style properties…

Can the Green horizontal line be changed to blue/red easily?
Can the Green horizontal line be disabled (set Invisible) easily without disabling the Active/non-active feature of the Tab text? I suppose I can set the Tab text to non-styled, and then manually change the colour of the Tab Text… but will be less elegant

Thanks for any input. I’ve checked the web for any link I can find (including How to change the color of active TAB in a TabControl, in Delphi)

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