Delphi FMX creating some sort of "enlarged view"


I work with Delphi 10.4 and I’m creating a Android and iOS app.
I have a label on a form. (live binded).
The length of the label is fixed and I don’t want to change it. (design decision).
The text that is written in the label is more than the label can show, and the final part is showed as "…"
For example the entire text is "Highlander, FR9822772"
And on the label is presented "Highlander, FR…"
The user cannot see the entire text and this is a problem.
I want to make the following behavior.
If you press and keep the label more than 1 sec (lets say) to create on top of the label something to display the whole text.
Like a hint.
The hint is disbanded after release of the label click.
is it possible?
Is there another approach built in FMX?
tks alot

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