How to make Firemonkey TWebBrowser load over fifty photos in one html file [closed]


I have an html file containing over 50 photos, each in an <img> tag. The file is correctly showing in Microsoft Edge as well as in Google Chrome. However, in FireMonkey TWebBrowser, only about 30 photos can be seen. Others just show the "alt" text. Is there anyway to improve this so all photo files can be seen? Please note, in Delphi 10.3, there are two different controls both in the name of TWebBrowser. The one I am using is the FireMonkey TWebBrowser. My test page is too large (with 100 hundred photos each in an img tag) to present here. I also tried it in Delphi 10.4 which is just released two months ago. But the result was the same: not all photos can be seen.

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