Delphi 10.3.3 , Android 8.1.0 , Failed to upload image to context Android


I have a pretty simple software here , it was working flawlessly so I thought I’d add a image here and there .
So I simply dropped a TImageList and a few TImages here and there .
Since then I get the error : Failed to upload image to context Android , but this happens very-very rarely 2-3 Days if I leave the device simply unused .
Any ideas ?
thank you for the negative votes, but please tell me if the error is as simple as this, what am I expected to write here ?
I have added a TImageList , assigned a few images to it in Designer. Then I altered the Buttons in Designer to user images from the TImageList.
The TImages are also simply dropped onto the Form , a Image is asigned in Designer nothing else. I am using HDForms.
All I did was in Designer , there is no code involved from my side to manipulate anything with the Images . I thought that this might be some "bug" perhaps with Delphi 10.3.3 and Android 8.1 ?
UPDATE 3 ( log from android )
It is pretty big . The Application Name is NE_LKW . Can someone see from this log what is causing the crash ?

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