Android API level 29 with firemonkey 10.3.3 not working on Android v.10.0 devices


sorry if this question is a duplicate but for my specific issue I couldn’t find a solution anywhere.
I followed the post on IDERA community about how to update your app to run in the latest stable API level of Android SDK but it didn’t work:
My issue is with devices running android v10.0, my project works fine in all devices from 4.4 to 9.0 and I’m allowed to publish new apps into the appstore when I change the android:targetSdkVersion="29" of AndroidManifest.xml, since last week I had to start posting my apps with the new play console in API level 29.
I use Delphi 10.3.3 CE since 10.4 hasn’t released a CE version yet, I have my SDK and NDK all updated to latest version in the SDK Manager. There are no compile errors, it generates the .aab just fine, I can upload to store, it works on all versions from 4.4 to 9.0, but not in 10.0. What should I do?
These are the pictures of how I configured my SDK Manager in the IDE:

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