What is FNC?


What is FNC?
Since day 1, FNC stands for Framework Neutral Components. This means that the components can be used cross-framework and cross-platform. Below is an overview which frameworks and platforms (operating systems/browsers) are supported.

TMS FNC Components can be simultaneously used on these frameworks:


TMS FNC Components can be simultaneously used on these operating systems/browsers:

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on these IDE's:

FNC logo (re-)design
To bundle this into a single logo that is consistent throughout our product range and website design we thought about the color gray to match the Neutral keyword in what FNC stands for. After a couple of brainstorm sessions we came up with the logo that would represent FNC in documentation, blog posts, demos, product pages, newsletters and many more.

Up until now, we always thought that the FNC logo would reflect what FNC was, and even with intensive campaigns around FNC and the FNC logo, trying to get customers to get to know FNC, there was always a slumbering thought that the logo didn't feel right and didn't represent what it should stand for. After all these years, it still remains a mystery for some and therefore we decided to redesign the logo and starting from today, we'll adopt the following design.

With this new logo we feel confident that this will represent FNC in a better way as it was with the old logo. In the coming days/weeks, the new design will be distributed throughout our FNC products as well as used in various social media items, documentations and installers.

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