New addition to the TMS Academic program


As announced a few months ago, we want to make our contribution to the Delphi community and most importantly to the aspiring future Delphi developer and hereby encouraging next generations of enthusiast Delphi developers.

In February we announced TMS VCL UI Pack as our first product in the TMS Academic Program.

With the Delphi Community Edition students already have an extremely powerful tool in their hands and we want to enrich this with offering our most popular products also free to students with the TMS Academic Program.

Today, we launch our second academic license in the TMS Academic Program and this is the TMS FNC UI Pack.

FNC is our power bundle that offers you a set of powerful & feature-rich UI controls that you can use in Delphi's VCL framework, TMS WEB Core framework and cross-platform FMX framework. It includes a wide range of UI controls to create Win32, Win64, macOS, iOS, Android and web applications with a single codebase and a single learning curve.

This academic license can be used with the brand new Delphi 10.4, just like the TMS VCL UI Pack Academic! Note though that the professional version of TMS FNC UI pack is still needed if you want to use it with the Lazarus IDE.

Supported frameworks:


Supported operating systems/browsers:

Suppoprted IDE's:

Visit the landing page and discover more about our TMS Academic Program.

Getting started :

Register for a free TMS FNC UI Pack Academic license with a school or university email address
Receive your credentials to login on our website via your student email address
Login and download your free TMS FNC UI Pack Academic installer
Install the product for the Delphi Community Edition
Enjoy being part of the TMS family with full access to our website, TMS support center, product updates for 1 year and develop great Delphi VCL applications

Get started with TMS software today and secure your place for the future in the Delphi world!

Did you Know… FNC logo redesign

We noticed that after all these years, it still remains a mystery for some, what FNC stands for! Therefore we decided to redesign the logo!
Recently we have adopted the following design.

With this new logo we feel confident that this will represent FNC in a better way!

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