How implement FMX HD app zoom-in and zoom-out?


I am a newbie at FireMonkey. Recently i’m using Delphi(FMX) to develop a small 2D game, and i want to add the ZOOM-in/out effect when wheeling mouse, I tried, and searched Idera sample and FMX codes, no gain.
So, is there any way to implement ZOOM? and why FMX do not offer easy-use "scale" properties? FMX is not user friendly, and Very lack of mature products, sample codes and discussions.
Thanks very much, and forgive me for my poor English.
Let it be simple:
File–>New–>Multi-Device Application–>Blank Application, click OK, then we should get a FMX HD App, and what i want to do is, when i am wheeling the mouse, the main form’s viewport can zoom-in/out.
procedure TForm1.FormMouseWheel(Sender: TObject; Shift: TShiftState;
WheelDelta: Integer; var Handled: Boolean);
// ?

Sorry for my poor description, thank you!

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