How can i scale the FMX mainform’s canvas?


I’m writing a small 2D RPG video game(like DiabloII) in Delphi, and for cross-platfrom purpose(PC、Android and so on), i’m using FireMonkey for presentation. Actually, all the scene rendering(tiles、images、texts, etc) were performed by the open-source engine PXL. But, i can not zoom-in/out the scene, for example, my cell phone screen is 5.5′, and the resolution is 2340 * 1080, i want to shrink the FMX’s mainform canvas to the size of 1280 * 720, so the game would be looked ok if it runs on the cell phone, otherwise, everything is too small to look.
I looked through the FMX source code, tried, but failed.
So, how can i change the mainform’s canvas’s size" to specific resolution?
// procedure TfrmMain.FormResize(Sender: TObject);
procedure TfrmMain.FormShow(Sender: TObject);

Thanks very much!

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