Flip TPath shape data horizontally


How To flip a TPath shape component data ? i have loaded a path data from an SVG image, but the shape is flipped, i want to flip it horizontally.
i tried to do the Canvas.CopyRec method but that is a VCL method i suppose.
var src, dest: TRect;
dest:=bounds(0, 0, image1.Picture.Width, image1.Picture.Height);
//src:=rect(0, image1.Picture.Height-1, image1.Picture.Width-1, 0); // Vertical flip
//src:=rect(image1.Picture.Width-1, 0, 0, image1.Picture.Height-1); // Horizontal
src:=rect(image1.Picture.Width-1, image1.Picture.Height-1, 0, 0); // Both flip
image1.Picture.Bitmap.Canvas.CopyRect(dest, image1.Picture.Bitmap.Canvas, src);

i’m using Firemonkey and Delphi 10.3.2

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