DevExpress now Supporting FMX


I was so excited when I read Frank’s post today about DevExpress offering a FMX grid control.  So I went to download it, only to discover that in order to get the CTP release, an * “Active VCL Subscription or Express GridPack is required”.
Sadly I don’t personally have an active subscription so looks like I will have to wait until the release to give it a spin.  For those of you lucky enough to meet the requirements, who haven’t already purchased a TMS or Infpower grid for FMX, let me know what you think.  For the VCL, the Quantum Grid has practically been the defacto standard in most applications I’ve worked on, so I’m very interested to see what DexExpress is offering for FMX.
DevExpress took a wait and see position with FMX, so it’s very encouraging for the Delphi ecosystem to see them throw their hat into the ring.

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