Delphi Firemonkey FMX Display double byte strings from MySQL


I’m trying to display double-byte characters in my firemonkey app – windows & android.
Query1.SQL.Text:= ‘SELECT ITEM_NAME_KR FROM items WHERE ItemID=1’;
showmessage( Query1.fieldbyname(‘ITEM_NAME_KR’).AsString );
Edit1.Text := Query1.fieldbyname(‘ITEM_NAME_KR’).AsString;

The MySQL field is set to utf8 with utf8_unicode_ci encoding. I know this is correct because when I update it in MySQL Bench, it displays the double byte correctly in Bench.
I’ve even tried adding a persistent field for WideString field for ITEM_NAME_KR but it gives me an error : "FDQuery1: Type mismatch for field ‘ITEM_NAME_KR’, expecting: wideString actual: String".
I’ve searched quite a few articles but I can’t see any special mention of how to display double-byte characters in firemonkey apps – both Windows / Android.
Any ideas what I’m missing?

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