Can we use Popupmenu in FMX?


I am developing a mobile app in FMX where i need Popupmenu but it is showing disable in Tool Palette i cant use it but in VCL its enabled in Tool Palette and can use it. I just want to know if Firemonkey supports Popupmenu or my installation is having problems or we have to use other tools instead of Popupmenu in FMX? or what else can I do?
and actually i opened one VCL project and copied popupmenu from there to FMX and wrote code on one button and that code is
procedure TFRM_Party.BTN_Party_OptionClick(Sender: TObject);
PopupMenu1.Parent := Self;

this code is not showing any error and also not performing also.
what to do? anybody having idea?

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