TIdTCPClient Android not connecting to TIdTCPServer on local PC


Using Rad Studio (Delphi) 10.3.2, I have a TCPServer app on my local PC and created an app running on an Android phone to connect using the local IP address, but I get “Connect timed out”. Both are connected to the same local network via 192.168.1.x range addresses. I can ping the phone device from my PC. I can connect to the TCPServer from another Windows PC on the network, so that’s working.

I don’t understand what could be getting in the way. Is there something in Android preventing connections to a local IP address? I have the Android Manifest for my app allowing INTERNET access but not sure if there is another one for accessing the local network.

I also tried connecting from the phones Chrome browser but nothing arrives at all at the TCP Server.

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